Leisure time and sports experiences for young and old: AREA 47

Outdoor adventures, events, water fun and more in the adventure park in Austria

Rafting, canyoning and more outdoor-adventures, events and water fun at the outdoor park in Tyrol

Haiming, Sautens and Roppen – these are not the names of the new hero of a book called “Lord of the Mountains”, but the three villages in the Tyrolean Ötztal valley, next to the world’s greatest adventure playground for kids, teens and adults: the AREA 47!

At the ultimate adventure park in the Tyrol you will experience action and adrenaline kicks in an unprecedented way. The spectacular venue for your holiday in the Tyrol owes its name to the 47th parallel – and face it: You have to visit the park at least 47 times in order to have experienced all the attractions that the AREA 47 and the Ötztal valley have to offer!

Water fun, thrills, climbing fun: Activities in the AREA 47

From the beginning of May till the beginning of October, the AREA 47 at the entrance of the Ötztal valley offers an incredible variety of action-packed deals:

Outdoor AREA: The best that an outdoor park in the Austrian Alps can offer is tightly grouped at the entrance of the Ötztal valley: rafting, canyoning, high rope course, mega swing, flying fox and so much more!

Water AREA: 20,000 m² mega water fun with 7,000 m² bathing lake, water slides park, climbing AREA and playground for beach soccer and beach volleyball.

Offroad AREA with KTM MX Freeride E Bikes and Polaris Cross Buggys.

Living AREA with wooden tepees, lodges and double rooms on the site of AREA 47 for one or more nights with breakfast.

Food AREA: with Argentinian BBQ, River Haus Bar and the Lakeside Restaurant

Group action for school groups, clubs, meetings & seminars, corporate team days and corporate events: Cool packages for your group!

Inside AREA: Useful information about your stay at AREA 47 – direction, contact, Sunup Sports Shop Area 47 TV, 3D Tour and picture gallery: So that you can experience some of the attractions that await you at AREA 47!

Arrival, opening times and prices, booking options: AREA 47 info

The ultimate adventure park in the Ötztal valley can be easily reached by car, train or plane. To plan your journey, we recommend the use of a route planer. You can park your car at the designated parking areas in AREA 47. With one click you will find out everything about opening times and prices in the AREA 47. You can easily send your inquiries online.

6Pack Action

6 days in the AREA 47 with action, sports & fun.

from € 408,- Enquire now! Hotline: +43 5266 87676 6Pack Action
Leisure time and sports experiences for young and old: AREA 47

Outdoor Area

Up to the mountain into pure pleasure: adventure without boundaries

Tyrol: first-class outdoor experiences

Unfortunately cool: You have not guessed in your wildest dreams all the offers of the outdoor AREA in the Ötztal Valley! Outdoor adventures for young and old, for climbing enthusiasts, cavers and adrenaline junkies are on the adventure program from the beginning of May till the beginning of October.

Explore canyons, white water rafting rides, high emotions at the Flying Fox and ultimate challenges when climbing. Check the times and prices, find your coolest outdoor adventures, and then let's get out!

Friends and more

Our package for groups and clubs! Rafting or canyoning, accommodation in a tepee, water area...

from € 105,- Enquire now! Hotline: +43 5266 87676 Friends and more

Water Area

Get wet: Bathing lake & water fun on 20.000 m² in the Ötztal Valley

Slides, blobbing & chill out with a view

Every beach will go green with envy: The Water AREA at the entrance of the Tyrolean Ötztal excites families, schools and groups with a great number of top features.

Mountain water lake with sunbathing area, climbing wall, water slides with 5 cool slides and water catapult, diving boards and NEW: a hydrospeed slide for maximum speed. Slide until the swimsuit glows, sip cool drinks in the Riverside Restaurant, and then chill out in the sight of the Ötztal Alps: What keeps you still at home?

7 Days Sports & Fun

High Rope Course – Raft College – Canyon College – Canyon Lost Valley – Flying Fox & Mega S

from € 510,- Enquire now! Hotline: +43 5266 87676 7 Days Sports & Fun

Offroad Area

– cross paradise for pros and newbies

KTM Freeride E Cross buggies Dirt bikes

Enduro enthusiasts and motocross aces of international class meet in Ötztal Dome’s one-of-a-kind Offroad AREA. You’re never alone racing over rough and smooth. Top class drivers show how it’s done – little instruction is necessary for beginners to rock the track. Nobody can resist cross riding, especially at the sight of the 2,500 m² of cracking tracks. Our KTM “Freeride E”
electro bikes guarantee 0% emissions and 100% powerful fun.

Four-wheelers will have a blast on our cross buggies while jocks saddle up our mountain bikes.

Get Dirty & Wet #1

This package is loaded with action! From White Water Rafting at its finest to...

from € 174,- Enquire now! Hotline: +43 5266 87676 Get Dirty & Wet #1

Living Area

Trapper feeling or comfortable double room: accommodation

Tepees, lodges, double rooms with breakfast

In the Living AREA of AREA 47 you and your group find a total of 26 tepees for max. 7 persons, 17 Tyrolean-style lodges for max. 6 persons and 38 double rooms for two available.

Very basic and comfortable: No matter what accommodation you choose, the breakfast buffet at the Lakeside Restaurant is in any case included and guarantees the start of a great day full of action, sport and fun. For your car, several parking spaces are available. Send a non-binding inquiry for your accommodation now!

Rafting & Canyoning Combo

Raft College - Canyon College - 2 nights bed and breakfast in a tepee

from € 182,- Enquire now! Hotline: +43 5266 87676 Rafting & Canyoning Combo

Food Area

Lakeside Restaurant and River House – for those in a rush, connoisseurs and barflies

Pure steak indulgence: the Argentinian BBQ at the River House

Our new grill restaurant ARGENTINIAN BBQ, a classic South American parrilla built onto our River House, now offers 150 BBQ fans a place to eat in the heart of the Event AREA at 47° latitude! From the beginning of May until the beginning of October, our Argentinian BBQ maestro Mati Perez & his team will light up their beechwood-fired grill, ready to indulge you guys with meat/steak specialities from their homeland – not to mention with grilled mini veggie skewers, succulent fish steaks and special salad medleys as well – all garnished with a hearty helping of South American passion!

Delicious from morning to night: Lakeside Restaurant at AREA 47

They all come back: mountaineers and water rats, slides conquerors and explorers. At the Lakeside Restaurant at AREA 47 in Sölden, proverbial ”honey pots“ are waiting for hungry adventurers. The restaurant with a sun terrace offers you and 400 other outdoor enthusiasts enough place amidst the worlds of sports of the AREA 47. Urgent fast food fans and gourmets can enjoy kitchen classics and innovative delicacies at the Lakeside Restaurant: Who can resist the juicy burgers, tender steaks and crispy pizzas from the oven? We bet you can’t!

Water Week

5 days for schools: 4 nights in wooden tepees, Water AREA, rafting and canyoning.

from € 250,- Enquire now! Hotline: +43 5266 87676 Water Week


Groups in action: Groups, clubs, incentives & school classes

Sports, fun and teamwork in the Ötztal in Tyrol

Share your enthusiasm for the mountains with friends and family, your classmates, your club colleagues, business partners and employees: All parts of AREA 47 are made ​​for group experiences!

Who dares to enter the sky-high ropes course, who sets the tone during the rafting tour and who pinches while rappelling into the dark cave? Different challenges bring to light what your team has on it. Whether a day or a whole week: find the right package for your group and head off to the Ötztal!


The AREA 47 Boot Camp is the craziest event that your group has ever enjoyed.

from € 101,- Enquire now! Hotline: +43 5266 87676 Bootcamp

Vouchers & Shop

For friends who need a special kick!

Vouchers of AREA 47 - the original idea!

Rafting, canyoning, high ropes, etc.

Print @ Home - Our tip: Besides the possibility to send vouchers by post, you can also receive them in best quality immediately by e-mail - simply choose the shipping method "downloads and e-mail delivery"!

Current voucher recommendations!

Water Week

5 days for schools: 4 nights in wooden tepees, Water AREA, rafting and canyoning.

from € 250,- Enquire now! Hotline: +43 5266 87676 Water Week
Leisure time and sports experiences for young and old: AREA 47 Leisure time and sports experiences for young and old: AREA 47
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